The Water Bearer
by Karlene Kubat

         In his early years, Rafael Arnau i Roca made the life-altering decision to serve humanity and the troubled planet.  He now works tirelessly to improve the brutal lives of growing numbers of the oppressed.  This effort, along with fierce opposition to continual despoilment of a planet already under extreme duress, constantly exposes him to dangerous detractors.  In his present campaign to provide water for a small country thirsty and impoverished, he takes on both a corrupt government and the ruthless greed of a multinational corporation, both intent upon his final removal.  His very public life must unexpectedly accommodate an unavoidable private existence, which leads to both deep aggravation and great personal satisfaction.  A brilliant young mathematician, Semele Taylor, in apparent opposition to his work and employed by the mutlinational investigative firm of Jefferson Davis Smith, has entered Rafael's life in a seemingly irreversible manner, but her boss, Jeff Smith, has no intention of letting go of his employee.  This timely story, broad and sweeping, close and personal, resonates with passion and compassion, tenderness and rage.  Much more than a cautionary tale, it celebrates the miracle of life on the magnificent planet earth, conveying the positive message of individual value, the urgent message of social and ecological responsibility.

Copyright Karlene Kubat 2006

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