Steelhead Blues
by K. M. Kubat

Introduction to Steelhead Blues

Richard Griffen is a seasoned jet boat pilot on the beautiful and rugged Rogue River in southern Oregon. He’s a part-time deputy and sometime annoyance for his boss, but admired for his quick mental agility. On the trail of a felon he’s tough and relentless. Drawn into the dangerous plight of a strange woman, Kim Bailey, he comes to her aid with deadly force. A man of colorful humor, Griffen is a caring friend, loyal to his frequent sidekick, Keet Tealwing, and fond of a smart and comely local waitress, Faye. Yet deep down, he’s an angry man with a broken heart that still belongs to his unfaithful ex-wife. Griffen is a thinker who likes to read now and then, with his humanized black Labrador, Belle, at his feet. But above all else, Griffen is a steelhead fly-fisherman of enviable sophistication. In that deftly practiced sport lie: the teachings of his late father, a county judge; the bedrock of his philosophy; and a highly satisfying diversion that carries him through the perils of this swiftly paced story.

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