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Ice-Brook Violet
by Karlene Kubat
 Karlene  M.

  The Water Bearer
by Karlene Kubat
The Unexpected Gift by Karlene Kubat
Steelhead Blues
by KM Kubat
Jurith's Way
by Karlene Kubat
Qyoo and Anima
by Karlene Kubat
The Marchman
by Karlene Kubat
The Green Bird Sings Desire by Karlene Kubat Uncaged Songbirds by Karlene Kubat   Careless Child
by Karlene Kubat

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             While there are nearly always love interests and/or strong human associations in my stories, my novels are unobtrusively messaged, focusing on world conditions and offering the possibility of exemplary human conduct---human actions are historically repetitive; it is the peculiar modes of behavior enactment that remain fascinating.






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