After her years of debilitating NGO work  in violent and threatening parts of the world, Violea has settled on her large grain and filbert farm.  Continuing to immerse herself in the often startling affairs of her rural neighborhood, Violea must also deal with sudden emotional setbacks involved with her emotional past. Her powerful and multi-talented Norwegian farm manager, Ragnar, who is firmly set in her childhood, has now become the mainstay of her life. Yet she must deal with fierce emotional conflicts with Hugh Lang, who has inherited an early Ender forest home on the farm.  Hugh is the bitter and worldly father of her son, and a brilliant freelance journalist with a strong emotional hold on her, resulting from their teenage love affair.  As Hugh, her son, Marcus, and her London friends, Virginia and her daughter Sylvia, come and go from the farm, Violea draws other neighbors, as well as the farm's hermit poet, Roland, a distant relative, into her growing sphere of interest and influence.  The characters in Violea's world become intertwined in intriguing ways that make this perceptive novel a fascinating work of wisdom and solace.
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