Jurith's Way
by Karlene Kubat

Introduction to Jurith's Way

In a future time, the legendary news gatherer Mirabul, known as a historep, stumbles upon the intriguing life of a brilliant scientist named Jurith. Very soon he is caught up in the mystery of her life as he follows a fascinating trail from her home planet to the unique world she and her devoted colleagues have created. Born of a singular humanitarian lineage, Jurith seeks only to further the causes of peace with the creation of her renowned androids, but she finds herself enmeshed in a loathsome war. When the highly circumspect Jurith denies the existence of this war, Mirabul quickly realizes that he is on the trail of an unusual story. As parts of her private life are revealed to him, Mirabul learns of Jurith's inescapable involvement with an enigmatic dark figure who wields unlimited power. The more deeply the enthralled Mirabul delves, the more personally affected he becomes by the extraordinary occurrences in Jurith's life. At last he makes an astounding discovery with far-reaching consequences.

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