Careless Child
by Karlene Kubat

      Journalist Katharine Gordon has carved out a career on the front lines of war.  In need of a rest, she takes an easy magazine job, flying to exotic New Zealand to cover the Americaís Cup sailing races.  There she encounters an unusual Maori-Scot entrepreneur, Lachlan Manutaane.  Although willful personalities, Lan and Katharine are strongly attracted to each other.  They begin a meaningful relationship that transcends the scars of their troubled pasts.  Upon befriending Lanís Scottish mother, Mary, motherless Katharine is thrilled to be treated as a daughter.  But when Lan reveals an unsettling family secret, Katharine steals away in abject misery.  Soon she has immersed her pained psyche in the seething political strife of another dangerous war.  Lan eventually finds wounded Katharine convalescing in New Zealand.  Will they manage to work their way through the difficulties ahead?

Copyright Karlene Kubat 2002

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